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EXCLUSIVE: Fergie uses his new book to offer advice to Moyes and Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson’s long awaited autobiography is released this Thursday, but with David Moyes struggling to fill his predecessor’s sizeable boots, we’ve got exclusive proof that Fergie has done an about face and is set to publish something altogether more useful for his replacement. While we’d all like to know how he managed to turn […]

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VIDEO: Some shocking behaviour from Joey Barton

There seems to be no limit to the levels of amusing but frankly inappropriate bad behaviour in the Premier League these days. Last season we saw ball-boy booting, arm biting and a Newcastle fan taking out his frustration on an innocent horse who was wondering why he was so rudely taken from eating hay in […]

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GIF: Referee provides some hi-larious schoolyard style pranking

The minnows always have it tough when they come up against the big boys, no matter what the level. When the Faroe Islands U21 team traveled to Kassel to take on their German counterparts, they may have expected the odd 50-50 call to go against them, but they probably weren’t expecting this. After a bit […]

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GIF: Ouch! Here’s Neymar whacking an opponent in the testicles

Getting hurt in the name of playing in a meaningless friendly is bad enough. Getting hurt in the name of playing a meaningless friendly when the referee has already blown the half-time whistle is even worse. That’s the lesson we’re taking from today’s match between Brazil and Zambia. Not for the first time in his […]

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GIF: Nigeria goalkeeper forgets to do his job, concedes stunning howler

Oh look, there’s a ball coming in my direction.Somebody should probably do something about that. Yep – it’s getting close now, the goalie better …Wait – gloves, different colour jersey – the goalie’s me. Oops We’re not entirely sure that’s what was going through Vincent Enyeama’s head as the ball come in his direction during the Nigeria’s […]

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MUST SEE GIF: Australia provide one of the all time comedy injury classics

Earlier today, we posted one of the most amusing moments of ineptitude we’ve ever seen on a cricket field, but not longer after, we have well and truly trumped that. Australia are playing their 1st ODI against India in Pune today and much to our surprise, the Aussies weren’t doing too badly. That was until […]

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VIDEO: Possibly the worst bit of cricket you’re ever likely to see

When it comes down to the crunch in a nail-biting cricket match, you need calm and self-confidence. No-one ever really mentions ‘the ability to complete the most basic of tasks’ – that’s basically a given. Sadly it wasn’t in evidence much as the game between South Australia and Tasmania came to a dramatic end. With […]

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WHIFF GIF: Lewis Hamilton adjusts his balls, shakes hands with Sebastian Vettel

Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel on winning the Japanese Grand Prix and in doing so, moving towards your inevitable fourth World Drivers’ Championship. Still though, Lewis Hamilton adjusted his balls and then shook hands with you. We think we know who the real winner from this weekend is. Thanks to

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GIF: Ronaldo has a hissy fit, nearly decapitates an opponent

It was a frustrating night for Portugal against Israel last night. It was especially frustrating if you were Cristiano Ronaldo because not only are your team all but consigned to the lottery of a play-off for a place at next year’s World Cup, but most importantly, you didn’t hog all the limelight. No goals, no […]

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VIDEO: Random player pulls a Thierry Henry to score an amazing goal

‘Pulling a Thierry Henry‘ can mean several things, depending on how Irish and quick to forgive you are. As the Irish are (a) very Irish and (b) carry grudges like Gareth Bale carried Spurs last year, we still associate it with his horrendous cheating which denied us the chance of losing in a penalty shoot-out […]

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VIDEO: Johan Elmander’s shameless cheating

GRRR! Johan Elmander … you make us so mad. Not for your generally pedestrian Premier League performances, more for this shameless bit of acting to get Stoke and Austria’s Marko Arnautovic sent off in the dying seconds of last night’s World Cup qualifier between Sweden and Austria. Yeah, he didn’t really hit him and Elmander […]

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GIF: Liverpool’s Martin Skrtel scores a hi-larious own goal that’s not really Martin Skrtel’s fault

Liverpool defender, Martin Skrtel was credited with scoring a horrendous/hilarious own goal while playing for Slovakia last night. Well, he was credited with scoring an own goal – we doubt FIFA categorise their own goals into ‘horrendous own goals’ and ‘normal own goals’.  That would be a waste of resources, even by FIFA’s standards. It’s […]

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Vote for the Paddy Power Blog and we’ll love you forever

By Aidan Elder | Chief beggar for your love We’re not too bothered about winning awards around the Paddy Power Sarky Writing Team. That’s convenient because we don’t tend to win many. But when someone mentioned the possibility of free booze and a trip to Manchester we signed up before we got to the end […]

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Neville byline

Neville Southall: Why Manchester City should stick with Joe Hart (and England too)

Neville Southall was never afraid to speak his mind as a player and his column for the Paddy Power Blog is no different. This week he tells football to back off on Joe Hart Be careful what you wish for. People are talking about getting Joe Hart out of the Manchester City team and the […]

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Why it’s worth sticking with Manchester United in the long haul

By Aidan Elder | Chief sports writer ‘Oh god! What an awful journey. We had to sit through two Katherine Heigl movies! It was unbearable’ Managers often grumble about the long midweek journeys they often have to make in the name of Champions League football. The airports and connecting flights the seemingly endless run of […]

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